aventinstr. 1, 80469 münchen
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We rent out our rooms.

Room for art means 'spazioarte' in Italian, translated from the Italian. Spazioarte is many things. Gallery like showroom, concert hall like studio, cafe bar, presentation space - a world of enjoyment, a space for interdisciplinary, cultural worth. As a platform, spazioarte stylistically takes a back seat. It is a "blank canvas", a white surface in the background. Everyone is welcome, regardless of background. For us, art is interdisciplinary and we include many things like architecture and cooking under that. Of course, painting is not just painting, like cooking is not just cooking. It either tastes good to everyone, most people, few people or no one. Behind it is a person, passion, craftsmanship, a motivation. "Here we form a level, a white canvas for passion and beautiful things". Julian Botti founded spazioarte in July 2021, almost by chance, when he spontaneously supported his father in organizing a group exhibition. This exhibition quickly aroused interest, the next one was already being planned - further events followed quickly - there was no going back.

His vision: a space for art, design, crafts and cuisine. An interdisciplinary platform, a bridge between business and culture, a third place to linger and enjoy. Very analog and very digital - shaped by the time of the pandemic in which spazioarte opened. Detailed articles about the exhibitions can be found on the website, many photos, 3D tours, and an online shop. In the end, everyone should have access to spazioarte, also from home.