sarah fürbringer

SARAH FÜRBRINGER is a Munich-based photographer whose work includes photo and film interiors, still lifes and art projects.

Born into an intellectually enriching family - her grandfather was the famous actor Ernst Fritz Fürbringer and both her parents worked in the film industry - she began her education at the Mierswa-Kluska in Munich. For more than five years she dealt with the subject of sophisticated still lifes and developed her own fashionable and detail-loving view of the beautiful things in life. Carefully considered compositions of different materials represent Sarah's unique modern and conceptual style. This also applies to her studio - inviting, charming and stylish, with good coffee. Located in a former industrial area next to the Flaucher, it is now home to Sarah's creativity and sometimes to Theo, the photographer's dog, named after her grandfather, Theodor Nischwitz, an animator. Theo looks old and wise since he was born.