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cyrcus milano various artists

17 dez 2022

cyrcus ist eine plattform für digitale fabrikation in mailand, italien. alle produkte und werke werden mittels digitalen technologien entworfen und gefertigt. mit dieser philosophie präsentieren sie ihre werke auf verschiedenen messen und event, darunter auch der salone del mobile und dieses jahr erstmals in deutschland bei spazioarte.

© Miriam Lehnart

camilla richter

vernissage 26 nov 2022 | from 15 clock

camilla richter works with dichroic coated glass and uses it to create objects that play with light and colour. the mood they emanate reflects space and time, because it arises from the interaction of environment and light and the perception of the viewer.


past events

collective subresults - a group exhibition

21.10. - 4-10 p.m
22.10. - 11am-5pm

next friday and saturday:
claudia lassner - jewellery
pink cute - graphic and object
Sarah Fürbringer - photography
stephanie kahnau - textile

A-COMPOSIZIONE N. 08-2022 80 X 80 CM

Gianna Zanafredi

materia memoria annuncio

7 - October 20, 2022
vernissage october 7th at 6 p.m

"The matter in my paintings is life, history, dust, earth, water and landscape" - Gianna Zanafredi was born and raised in Casalmaggiore, a small town on the Po River in the province of Cremona. After studying sociology at the University of Trento, she later attended the Paolo Toschi Art Institute in Parma. Since then she has lived in this city and has her studio there. Over the past 20 years her work has been featured in several solo and group exhibitions, including in Parma, Paris, Prague, the Venice Biennale (2011) and in Chicago at the International Biennial of Contemporary Art at the Zhou Brothers Art Center (2013 ).

Summer delights from Turkey: wine, meze, art & design

July 21, 2022

We invite you to a very special summer evening! It will be aromatic, artistic and stimulating. We taste, taste, listen, admire and enjoy together. Because it's the mix that makes the difference.


munich jewelery week | handan yalki toyhan

saturday, july 9, 2022 | 4-10 p.m
exhibition duration 3 - 9 july

on the occasion of the munich jewelery week (mcbw), spazioarte presents the turkish architect and designer handan yalki toyhan.

photo: © evelyne pretti 2022


munich jewelery week | Evelyne Pretti

saturday, july 9, 2022 | 4-10 p.m
exhibition duration 3 - 9 july

on the occasion of the munich jewelery week (mcbw), spazioarte presents the brazilian designer evelyne pretti.

photo: © evelyne pretti 2022


solo exhibition | graphite + ink | alban janson

June 24 - July 08, 2022

"in the works with pencil or graphite on paper (2018 - 2022) initially a very uniform, diffuse, increasingly dense texture of strokes emerges, which represents nothing. At most one could think of a scattering of small particles, an atomization of matter, as in Fog, dust or smoke that fills the space of the picture, a kind of substance of spatiality. From their meaningless noise, a mostly unexpected pictorial reality only gradually emerges in further processing, forms that suddenly appear in the irregularities of the structure and are finally carefully clarified without destroying the texture of the strokes. the ink drawings (2017), on the other hand, are spontaneously and very quickly placed on the sheet in a few minutes with the chinese ink brush. in many attempts, a very large number of sheets are created in this way, of which a few be selected as valid results." - alban jansonspazioarte.deaventinstr. 180469 Munich

photo: © alban janson 2022

group exhibition | 'from the ashes' by studio peipei

14 - 22 may 2022 | 4pm - 10pm

on may 14th spazioarte presents a series of glass objects by studio peipei.
his project 'from the ashes' is a glass based on ashes from wood-fired pizzerias, mussel shells from fish restaurants and sand.
glass is a sensitive structure that reacts to even the smallest ingredient. the recycled ingredients determine the look. Blemishes and irregularities are welcome.

photo: © studio peipei 2022


group exhibition | 'quixote' by theglassapprentice

14 - 22 may 2022 | 4pm - 10pm

on may 14th, spazioarte will present hand-blown glass objects by theglassapprentice (prosper riba vilardell). with his passion for colored glass, geometry and the mastery and transformation of the primary spherical shape of blown glass into other shapes and volumes, he designs objects from the profound to the playful, from the light to the beautiful and harmonious.

Photo: © theglassapprentice 2022


group exhibition | design by studio spazioarte

14 -22 may 2022 | 4pm - 10pm

for the munich creative business week (mcbw), the studio giubotti presents its own product series as well as detailed information about their development from design to production.

photo: © julian botti


exhibition | Evelyne Pretti

for the mcbw, spazioarte is presenting the brazilian designer evelyne pretti on may 14th.
evelyne pretti has designed the timeless 'dna' collection - a series of three pieces of jewelry made from renewable and recyclable materials using the latest technologies.


exhibition | luis useless

May 14 - 22, 2022 | 4pm - 10pm

for the mcbw, spazioarte is presenting the munich artisan luis unuetzer on may 14th. luis unuetzer turns wood and creates unique bowls, sculptures and other objects. for the lighting system 'luce by GIUBOTTI' he designs and manufactures bases from local oak.

photo: © luis unuetzer


exhibition | melissa mayergalbraith - 'estampes'

23 apr 2022 - 4 p.m. 'estampes', an exhibition with a selection of the remarkable graphic works of melissa mayergalbraith at the spazioarte ends on 23 april 2022. photos: © lukas loske 2022


solo exhibition | joão bragança

November 12, 2021 - February 19, 2022

joão bragança uses cardboard as a support to make models for his first projects. during an internship in tokyo with the architect kengo kuma, he discovered the true potential of this material: "the japanese use handicraft techniques of incomparable precision."

Photo: © joão bragança 2022


solo exhibition | daniela monica - pietre a vapore

2 oct - 30 oct 2021d

steamstones are thoughts as heavy as stones, but in the perception of those who want to see how things change, they travel steam-powered. this series of six works lends itself to an expressive reading, and the composition concentrates visionary power even in the simplest of forms. neither the profile of the young man nor the blue pangea are the protagonists. the true subject of the picture lies at the heart of its mystery.

Photo: © daniela monica 2022


solo exhibition | melissa mayergalbraith

02 july - 17 sep 2021

melissa mayergalbraith shows three paintings from her series 'knob', whose figures retain their strongly anthropomorphic character and undergo a formal metamorphosis from the figurative to the abstract.

Photo: © melissa mayergalbraith 2022


group exhibition | Elaine Rosemary Kaye - Insights

02 july - 17 sep 2021

in a selection of small format paintings from her series temporary urban landscapes - schwabing north, 2016-17, elaine rosemary kaye shows scenes from a city district under construction. Removed from their context, the realistically depicted excerpts lose their usual meaning and appear as aesthetic and associative compositions.

photos: © er kaye 2022


group exhibition | gilberto botti - insights

Jul 02 - Sep 17, 2021

in three paintings, gilberto botti shows sections of the isar landscape along the path that leads from the zoological garden to the center of munich. nestled in curtains of trees lining the river, towering chimneys and a railway bridge appear like the abandoned buildings of a heroic landscape: a seemingly silent and lonely place out of time... and yet in the middle of a big city, in winter 2020photo:

© gilberto botti 2022