melissa mayergalbraith

02 july – 17 sep 2021
Mar 15 – Apr 23, 2022

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estampes, a selection of sheets from the graphic work of melissa mayergalbraith.

artist talk

the exhibition opened on March 15, 2022 on the occasion of the international day of printmaking. on April 1st, a talk with the artist took place, which was attended by many visitors despite the corona restrictions. after an introduction about the term "peintre-graveur" and about the techniques of etching using the examples of old masters such as dürer and rembrandt, melissa mayergalbraith impressively explained the specific characteristics of the formation of the image in intaglio printing in her graphic work. on the one hand, she emphasized the physical, almost violent confrontation with the material by scratching and etching the copper or zinc plate, and on the other hand, the by no means merely mechanical process of printing. unlike painting, in which color is applied directly to the surface of the picture, in the process of etching, the picture is created by subtractively removing material from the printing plate and remains only dimly visible during the process of creation. only after printing does the complete result become visible - and always reveals unexpected effects.

in conversation with the audience, aspects of the content and form of the exhibited works were discussed. recurring motifs such as vanitas, existential angst and struggle are sometimes only recognizable after a closer look, and sometimes they can be interpreted in different ways. their occasion seems to be not only the reference to events and conditions of the present, but also lies partly in the artist's confrontation with individual works of the past. her intention, however, is neither documentary nor illustrative. actions and figures as well as the meaning and dynamics of the events are transformed into concise pictorial compositions of lines or plastic masses that flow into each other and merge or interpenetrate and overlap...


June 2021

melissa mayergalbraith shows three paintings from her series 'knob', whose figures retain their strongly anthropomorphic character and undergo a formal metamorphosis from the figurative to the abstract.


born in france, dual french and us citizenship. Studied at the Paris Ecole National Superieure des Beaux Arts, Paris. Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting. postgraduate studies in printmaking, intaglio and lithography. Lives in munich germany since 1985. teaches at the academy of fine arts munich since 2009.


studio promotion by the free state of bavaria 2008–10 art fund berlin, kuenstlerhaus lukas, ahrenshoop 2001 saxon printmaking symposium, leipzig 1995

public collections
State Graphic Collection, Munich-Bavarian State Library, Munich-Schäfer Foundation, Schweinfurt Collection Walter Bareis, Toledo Museum of Art, Ohio