gilberto botti

02 july – 17 sep 2021

Gilberto Botti is an Italian architect, designer and artist. since his retirement, the architect and professor has devoted himself to his artistic activities and is an important part of the spazioarte platform.

series isar landscapes

in three paintings, gilberto botti shows sections of the isar landscape along the path that leads from the zoological garden to the center of munich. embedded in curtains of trees that line the edges of the river, soaring chimneys and a railroad bridge appear like the abandoned buildings of a heroic landscape: a seemingly silent and lonely place outside of time... yet in the middle of a metropolitan city, in the winter of 2020

series landscapes

series traces


Gilberto Botti studied architecture at the universities of Florence and Venice and graduated from the department of theory and history of architecture of the IUAV. between 1983 and 1991 he worked as an architect, lecturer and publicist in modena, and organized international symposiums.
together with prof. pier luigi cervellati he planned the redesign of the historic market square and the restoration and reconstruction of the old town hall of modena.
on behalf of the city of modena, botti has set the guidelines for the preservation and careful renovation of the urban zones of the 19th and early 20th century.
from 1995 he lectured as professor for design and building construction at the munich university of applied sciences.
he continued the publication of articles and essays in german and italian, as well as architectural journals. he won prizes and recognitions in international competitions.
from 1995 to 2006 he planned and realized of the reconstruction of the former state building and the palais neuhaus-preysing in the center of munich as the headquarters of the of the hypovereinsbank (in partnership with guido canali).
in 2010 gilberto botti founded an architecture office based in munich and parma together with gianfranco zanafredi.

since 2020, he retired and is creating a variety of artworks such as paintings, prints and sculptures.