daniela monica

02 july – 17 sep 2021

steam stones

Steam stones are thoughts as heavy as stones, but in the perception of those who want to see things change, they travel by steam propulsion. this series of six works lends itself to an expressive reading, and the composition concentrates the visionary power in even the simplest forms. neither the profile of the young man nor the blue pangea are therefore the protagonists. the true theme of the painting lies at the heart of its mystery.


born in parma, daniela monica first attended the local art institute toschi then she graduated at the academy of fine arts in bologna, under concetto pozzati.
initially she worked as a graphic designer in parma, then moved to london where she stayed for five years. in london she worked as an illustrator and a painter, and in the latter capacity she took part in various english contemporary art collective exhibitions. it is during this time, in fact, that she produced some series of pictorial works in which the viewer can perceive echoes from such atmospheres as can be found in the works of artists like david hockney or edward hopper.

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