Evelyne Pretti

brazilian designer evelyne pretti creates adornments inspired by the strange, particular and experimental in reference to the modernist movement in brazil.

she uses the advanced 3d printing technology multijet fusion to enhance sustainability with the on-demand production model and by using the recyclable material PA11 which is made of 100% renewable castor seeds, manufactured in collaboration with spazioarte in germany.

her creations are seen as fragments of small-scale architectural concepts.

designed in 2013, the timeless dna collection was recognized and exhibited at the technological design show at the brazilian design biennial exposition (2015).

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the 'dna' collection, alluding to genetics, celebrates the differences and the particular being of each individual. the series of experimental adornments consists of three pieces: collar, bracelet and ring.


Evelyne Pretti is a designer and researcher. graduated in product design at pucpr, she has lived in seven cities in brazil and lived for a year in turin, italy, where she studied history of art and design, trends research, strategic design, visual merchandising and graphic design at the polytechnic institute of turin - school of architecture and design.

in 2013, with unprecedentedness, she defended her course conclusion work with the theme: "dna: customized jewelry: the impact of 3d printing on the means of production and consumption with emphasis on jewelry". until then, the approach of 3d printing in design had not been presented in academic works of the institution (puc/pr). in 2014, she transformed her tcc into business, which was founding partner and designer strategist of the pioneering startup in brazil in fashion accessories by 3d printing, noiga.

still at the university she was scholarship researcher of scientific initiation, where she worked with the theme: "the influence of culture and miscegenation in the design/artifact of paraná", the project was based on the research line "pioneers and forerunners of design in paraná" - from the supervisor prof. dr. fernando antônio fontoura bini.

she conceptualizes, creates and executes projects related to fashion, cool hunting, product development, entrepreneurship, visual communication, brand positioning, art direction, research, as well as other potential creative projects. she has given workshops and lectures that encompass design management, creation methodology, design thinking and entrepreneurship in collaborative spaces and at the invitation of universities (ufpr/ ufsc / pucpr / univali).

her work has already been recognized by the curatorship of the brazilian design biennial, florianópolis (2015) - with the dna collection (ring, bracelet and necklace) - exhibited in the show: technological design - the makers and the digital materialization. some of her projects were selected in the design móvel sul (2012) and in the house & gift de design award (2011).

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