gianfranco zanafredi

Italian architect and designer.

latte is the name of gianfranco zanafredi's lamp design, a bottle shaped lampshade making use of the luceⓢ lighting system by spazioarte. his inspiration is the milk bottle, which explains the name 'latte' (translated from italian: milk).
the translucent material perfectly imitates the effect when shining through a glass milk bottle.


gianfranco zanafredi graduated in architecture in venice (iuav) in 1987.

he collaborated with guido canali over fifteen years on various projects including the cruise ship costa marina, the restoration of the nineteenth-century halls of the palazzo della pilotta in parma and, in the same monumental complex, the preparation of the exhibition "lights on the eighteenth century".

since 1992 he has been developing and realizing in his own studio in parma various projects for public and private buildings as well as urban spaces in historical and environmental contexts in central-northern italy.
his projects are published in italian architecture magazines and in the monographic book gianfranco zanafredi, edited by michele calzavara (libria publishing house, melfi 2009).

he participates in international architecture competitions, obtaining prizes and awards,
including the mention of the cosenza prize (1998) and the zaffagnini prize of the faculty of architecture of ferrara (1998).
he holds design seminars and conferences at the faculties of architecture of ferrara, milan and parma.