Claudia Lassner

COCii Jewelry is the graduate jewelry designer Claudia Lassner based in the heart of Munich.

COCii Jewelry stands for high-quality materials, excellent workmanship and attention to detail. Love that Claudia Lassner has been putting into her own label for over ten years, and thus into every single piece of handmade jewelry.

For her collections, Claudia Lassner works primarily with precious metals such as gold and silver as well as pearls, fair trade gemstones and diamonds. Gold and silver – 925 sterling silver, gold-plated, white and yellow gold – have been recycled again and again since the 1970s, i.e. processed and made into new, contemporary pieces of jewellery, come from stocks in Germany. Jewelery atypical materials such as marble or reconstructed precious stones can also be found in her work.

On request, the designer also works with other precious alloys, such as platinum, 750 gold and titanium.

"The opulence is in the quality of the material." Jil Sander

In addition to sustainability, regionality and fairness, quality is the selection criterion for the procurement of materials - and is also the focus of COCii Jewelry when processing them.
The label works exclusively with small companies and suppliers based in Germany. Precious stones, for example, are mainly sourced from Idar-Oberstein. When it comes to other sources for stones or diamonds, Claudia Lassner attaches particular importance to ethical, sustainable, fair trade.

Selected with care, processed with a high understanding of the material and precise goldsmith craftsmanship, this is how the special feel and appearance of the COCii pieces of jewelry are created.