nina kirste

June 14th - 17th, 2023

An on-site visit to the works is possible until June 24, 2023 upon request.

The Munich-based architect Nina Kirste deals with photography as art. The focus is on the search for poetry and beauty in the unexpected.

The focus of the exhibition is the abstract, photographic-painterly works of Nina Kirste. The presentation is supplemented by a series of small-format photographs that reflect larger contexts.

What Nina Kirste means by “seeing” is experiencing and discovering in a phenomenological and aesthetic sense. What she sees, captures photographically and thus makes visible are not surfaces, objects and places, but rather what they represent in the play of light and shadow: appearances, i.e. phenomena - connected with impressions, feelings and thoughts that they trigger in her. Accordingly, her photographic works appear non-representational or show shapes, colors, structures and atmospheres that emanate from the subject matter.

The excerpted shots contrast the photographed object, giving its components their own value. The works shown tell a lot about the photographer's way of seeing, where the interplay of clear graphic elements and atmospheric density creates a sensual attraction.


Nina Kirste (*1990 in Mainburg) studied architecture at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich. Her time studying under the teaching of Dean Prof. Andreas Meck († 2019) laid the foundation for the further development of her perception and her sense of vision . This was followed by stays abroad in Rio de Janeiro and New York, which were groundbreaking in the development of her very own understanding of aesthetics. The solo exhibition at spazioarte in Munich in June 2023 is the first publication of Nina Kirste's work.