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Christine Schuhbeck

Untitled I

Untitled I

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Mezzotint stencils on paper

Edition of 5

year: 2024

dimensions (cm): 52.5 x 38

christine schuhbeck‘s white on white compositions are split in two different technical categories. with one, the mezzotint, schuhbeck carefully selects complex shapes which where reserved with the help of stencil on a white-covered mezzotint plate during printing. the subtle nuances of tone and texture with the white spectrum create a fascinating visual experience that invites viewers to a closer examination. the preceding process for white mezzotint works is the same as for works in black until the point of inking and printing. printing in white is very labor intensive, every tiny speck of dust is visible. the second technique involves embodding carefully chosen shapes from a copper plate onto paper. no ink is involved. this delicate inerplay of light and shadow imparts a deep sensuality and texture to the work, transforming the once flat surface.

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