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Christine Schuhbeck

the space between you and me _01

the space between you and me _01

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Velvet, epoxy resin and jet black


year: 2024

dimensions (cm): 64 x 84 x 1

christine schuhbeck‘s velvet works are a captivating exploration of texture and dimension. she saturates velvet fabric with a liquid resin mixture, which then cures and hardens, capturing the soft and tender quality of the fabric in a three-dimensional sculptural form. through a meticulous process, schuhbeck layers primer and deep, non-reflecting black ink, ensuring the texture of the velvet remains visible. the result is a „frozen“ moment, a preservation of the velvet‘s essence, transformed and immortalized. these works showcase schuhbeck‘s unique ability to merge fragility and strength, softness and permanence, in a striking interplay of light and shadow.

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