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Carolina Hering Vilas Boas

Groovy Baby

Groovy Baby

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Publications: SANDHELDEN , PA Magazine , Designs-Now

Awards: KGD Kyoto Global Design Awards

The "Groovy Baby" 3D printed chair, designed by Carolina Hering, presents a harmonious fusion of vintage design and modern technology.

Manufactured using the latest 3D printing technology and sand as a material, the chair represents a contemporary approach to design while still adopting the loose shapes and typographic elements of the 70s. The result is a chair that appears soft and light, reminiscent of the airy and rounded style of 70s trousers, but is actually robust and heavy.

The seating area is polished to provide a comfortable seating experience while the rough edges are left intact to highlight the natural beauty of the sand material. This unique piece combines playful and erotic details to create a unique sculptural effect.

Special colors on request:

Delivery time 8-12 weeks, within EU.

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