spazioarte showroom - early access

we are planning to establish a showroom for small businesses, designers and artists. the objects will be integrated into our online shop and can be purchased on site via qr/nfc codes or in the conventional way. 

our space will be open twice a week and offer, in addition to the exhibition, a cafe area, drinks and music. in addition, regular exhibitions will take place in another room, or may overlap. 

we would like to include you in our project and accept a maximum of one object per designer/artist/studio (with the exception of chairs). the niches will be designed like living rooms and curated by us. 

the exact terms and costs are still being calculated, but we are trying to keep them as affordable as possible to make them accessible to all. there will be a weekly and monthly subscription model with an additional sales commission. in particular, we want to address new studios and offer them high-quality and cost-effective visibility.

if you're interested, fill out the following form to request participation - non binding of course!