levak ivan / L! design studio

L! (pronounced “li”) design studio, from zagreb/hvar, founded in 2012. Its specialty is “seasonal creative direction”. during winter seasons the studio is occupied with design ideas, graphics, product developments, material research and handmade illustrations.

while the summer seasons, studio shifts towards hospitality interiors & management, case studies in tourism, spatial planning, events and gastronomy. throughout the years , L! studio build up a strong community made of local craftsmen, traditional tool makers and different type of poets.

on display:

vassa, a project started and developed by L! studio in 2022 is a small ‘parliament’ of earth and water, made by air and fire. The project is focused on nature’s simplicity while expressing the beauty of flowers and small plants. Also referred as a horizontal ‘ikebana’ vase, vassa is a circular object handmade out of glass and clay. produced by croatian masters using only the power of their hands and custom ovens.

axel, displayed in Spazioarte, is a self standing coat hanger. minimalist as possible, made of three wooden legs and a steel joint. its center of gravity gives to this object a unique sense of stability; the more it has items on it, the more stabile it becomes. having this lightweight, yet rigid structure, this coat hanger comes in a flatpack box, very easy to handle for transport.