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luis unützer

no.3 - bowl

no.3 - bowl

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young designer luis unuetzer is passionate about turning wood and creates unique bowls, sculptures and other objects with the highest precision.

this bowl is very thin (1-2mm) and super lightweight. it has a 5mm border to increase stability.
post-processing: smoked, chalked, brushed and finished with natural oil.

the surface is structured, yet precisely polished and has a slightly matte-glossy touch.
it can be used as a fruit or salad bowl, since no chemical components were used during the manufacturing process.

wood german oak
dimensions 30x30x20cm

about Luis Unützer has always been enthusiastic about wood as a raw material. it fascinates him to visualize the hidden age of the tree from a centuries-old trunk. this is how a piece of history becomes an object for everyday use.

in his workshop near munich, he manufactures bowls, sculptures and other objects. he prefers to turn the vessels from still wet, fresh and local woods. after shaping, the bowls are dried. during this drying process they deform and bend individually and uniquely.
born in munich in 1999, he completed his training as a wood sculptor in 2020 at the "municipal vocational school for the wood carving trade". Since 2021, he has been striving for his master's certificate there.

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