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spaziocaffè | whole bean 250 g

spaziocaffè | whole bean 250 g

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our favorite coffee.
100% robusta - contrary to the trend of arabica beans that has been going on for far too long.

ideal for espresso and cappuccino.
Typical for robusta: little acid, chocolaty, nutty and lots of crema.

highest demands.
The beans grow in organic quality on a controlled family-owned farm. This Indian canephora bean is roasted with passion in Miesbach am Tegernsee by the fine roasting company Bohnenreich.
Fine, handmade paper made from banana peel fibers and cotton from the Glockenbach paper workshop frames the black, fine paper packaging with a biodegradable valve.

about robusta
With around 40% of the world coffee harvest, Robusta is the second most important species after Arabica coffee. This species is less sensitive to disease, heat and high humidity, which means the plant requires less treatment. It bears more fruit and ripens faster. The ripening time is approx. 6 months, meaning several harvests are possible per year.

This coffee contains different flavors than Arabica coffee, it is low in acid and slightly nuttier. Robusta coffee is therefore particularly popular as espresso; with milk it develops chocolatey notes.

about the roastery
At this roastery, everything is still honestly handcrafted, with a lot of passion, time and dedication to the subject of coffee, beans and roasting.

Founded in 2015, the Bohnenreich coffee roasting company has now found its home in Miesbach and stands for high quality, unconditional roasting consistency, great passion for coffee and the top service right down to the cup that Florian Perkmann and Toni Lohde take for granted! They set this quality They both start with the purchase of the green coffee and continue to guide them through the artisanal way of roasting coffee using slow and gentle drum roasting, investing a lot of time, experience and dedication. They roast coffees on a cast-iron drum roaster from the Giesen brand and ensure consistency using individual roasting curves and control software in order to consistently extract the optimum aroma and full and incomparable taste from each individual roast.

roastery rich in beans
Marcel-Deprez-Str. 4
83714 Miesbach

ORGANIC espresso: DE-ÖKO-037

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